I have to vent a little...It really bothers me that when I create a CU freebie for you to make money from and all I ask is that my FREE CU LICENSE!!! be placed in your site with a link back, some designers don't have the decency to even do that...I'm not charging you for it!!! all I ask is that you link back to my blog..is that so hard to do???????? If you purchased it you don't have to do it..but If it's FREE!!! that's all I ask you to do...it makes me feel that my time in creating the freebie was appreciated...I've seen so many kits with my free stuff in them and when I go into their sites I see that my CU License is not there...it's in my Terms of Use and also I post the License under the item so you can see it...so there's no excuse...but I'm not going to go after your butts demanding it..you all know who you are and remember you also have Terms of Use that you want to be followed and respected...because the ones that complain the most about people not being Copyright Compliant are the ones not following the rules...I've spoken...thank you.
 This is the License I always post under every free CU item I post...it's also on the left side of my blog...thank you!!


  1. Though I don't have a site, blog, or store, I can understand your frustration. I just did a mini scrapbook album for my neighbor and I worked in photoshop for what seemed like a good month. So I totally understand how easy you have made it for people to abide by you terms and they are not doing so. With that said, I have grown up with the understanding that you really should give free stuff away because you want to and not for any other reason. Save yourself the stress of people not following your terms and charge them a little (.50) or give it away and don't stress about it. Which ever allows you to sleep at night, cuz in the end, you have to look out for your wellbeing.

  2. Hi Sandy...I agree...we should give things because we want to...this blog use to be a freebie blog for a long time...but even I had my limit on how much abuse I was getting, and that's why I started selling...still I give away things to make it easy for some and I also love to get freebies as well..who doesn't?...I just wanted to vent out my frustration...I feel better now...and I know the disrespect to my terms will continue, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue and I also know that most designers do follow the rules...just had to say a couple of things mainly because some of the ones that don't follow the rules are the first ones to complain about their rules not being followed...that's all...thank you for your comment...I appreciate it...hugs.

  3. I can certainly understand your frustration! I really appreciate the freebies given out. I haven't used yours for any designs yet, but just put your license on my blog for when I do.



  4. I totally understand. People seem to be so greedy these days, it gets to me too. But you're amazing, and those of us who care REALLY care. HUGS

  5. I love your work and am very thankful that you offer some of it for free because I can't always afford to support my PSP/Gimp addiction...lol. I totally understand your frustration with people not following the TOU and I hope the few that aren't doing their part don't ruin it for the rest of us. You're awesome at what you do! Thank you so much!


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