This lovely QP was made by Cynthia from Mimi's Creationz. Cynthia used my freebie kit Autumn Days. Thank you very much Cynthia.


I received this award from a very nice friend Adry from My Warehouse of Dreams and HutchsBaby Faith in Christ Scraps. Their blogs are awesome!!!...please visit. Thank you ladies for this honor. I am passing this award to these wonderful blogs. Lacarolitas Designz Seachells Scrapz ScrappingMar


I received this wonderful award from Wendy over at Just Me...Wee and Angel from Angellight Scraps. Thank you ladies for this great honor. I am passing this award to these fabulous and generous ladies: Lacarolita Seachell Adry


This award was given to me by Mundo PSP. Please go check their awesome tutorials. Thank you Faria and all the tutorial writers for this honor. I am passing this award to these fabulous blogs: Lacarolita's Designz Seachell's Scrapz My Warehouse of Dreams


Terms of use
My terms of use are very simple.

Scrapkits TOU

All my scrapkits or any other designs I create are for personal use only not commercial unless stated otherwise.
I use resources from other designers that deserve credit for their work..so it's a big NO to use anything in my kits for commercial use purposes.
Do not redistribute, do not sell, do not place in a disc to sell or give away, do not claim as your own.

Lifetime CU4CU License Tou
 $20 to purchase

 1.  If you want to create CU's with my CU items you must purchase my Lifetime CU4CU License.
This is a one time purchase and it entitles you to create your own commercial use items to sell or give as freebie.  This will be for all my items marked as CU.  Most of my scripts have templates in them except those where I used resources from another designer, for those I will label them as "Not CU4CU".  You can also create scripts and actions with my CU's as long as you add your own style.  You will be able to create your own commercial use items with both my free and purchased CU items.  The cost of the license is $20.  You must make modifications to my CU's...they cannot be repacked, sold or given as is unless they are in a CU Elements Pack and the pack does not contain only my Commercial Use items.  You must add your own style if it's going to be a stand alone product and you can include a template as long as you added your own style, I'm not that picky, but this license does not entitle you to offer my CU items as CU4CU.

2.  You must place this license in your blog, site or store (where applicable) with a link back to Scraps Dimensions.  Credit is required in your Read Me or Credits folder.  The license will bear your blog, site or store name on it.  Please allow 48 hours or less for the license to be issued.  Depends on whether or not I'm on my computer at the moment.

3.  Once you purchase the license you can start creating your CU's before you get the license since I will be keeping a log on every purchase.  After purchasing the license email me letting me know with your site name and link.

4.  No more than 30% of my CU's should be in a CU Elements pack.

5. My email with any concerns regarding this license is scrapsdimensions2@gmail.com.  This email address will be only about any issues or questions concerning the license.

CU Tou

1. My free or purchased CU's are for you to use however you  find fit,  but you  must  place my CU License  in your site with a link back to my blog if you use my free CU's.  This license is free.  (You'll find the license on the right hand side of my blog and below this post).

2. Do not claim any CU's as your own or make other CU's(CU4CU) with them.  If you want to create Commercial Use items with my CU's you must purchase my Lifetime CU4CU license.

3. You may use my Commercial Use items to create scrapbooks, layouts or any other art project for sale as long as it is for personal use only.  Credit is required.

4. You may integrate my Commercial Use items in freebie scrapkits for personal use only.  Credit is required.

5. You may create templates with my CU's as long as they are given or sold for personal use only and proper credit is given.

6.  No more than 30% of my items should be in your scrapkits.

7.  Do not put my CU's in a disc to sell or give away.

Tutorial writers are always welcome

If you do tutorials with my scrapkits please credit me properly
and refer people directly to my blog or store to download or purchase.

You can alter colors to fit your designs.

You can mix my FTU scrapkits with other designer's kits as long as you credit me for my scrapkits and it's fine by other designers TOU.

You may not mix my PTU scrapkits with other designer's scrapkits.

Do not use my kits or any design I create for pornography or anything against the law.


This TOU is subject to change at any time. 

 Please notify me if you find I am not being copyright compliant.

Please respect my terms of use. If you have any questions regarding my terms you can contact me at metbrini@gmail.com .  Thank you for reading and respecting my terms of use.

 CU4CU Licenses I hold:

Delicious Scraps http://www.deliciousscraps.com/

HF-Projekte License #0027/12 http://hf-foto-blog.blogspot.com/

Shellez Creations http://shellezcreations.blogspot.com/?zx=fbca905266f81216

Scrap and Tubes http://scrapandtubes.blogspot.com/

Love Creations

Niqui's Designs

 Freeks Creations

The Scrappin Cop

Unlimited Personal Usage License by Joanne's Digitals Designs #004
Questions regarding my license write at scrapsdimensions2@gmail.com

Lifetime CU4CU License

Doris Lynch

For licenses write at:


Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Doris Lynch, I live in Queens, New York. I am married, have a beautiful 14 year old daugther, I am a pet groomer and have two dogs. On my spare time I love working with PSP and Photoshop. I opened this blog to share with others what I create. Hope you enjoy my kits and creations as much as I enjoy making them. Feel free to grab what you like and please leave a comment to get to know you. Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you.

Thank you,
Doris Lynch






I received this wonderful award from Tracey of Tracey's Blog HERE and Faria and her wonderful tutorials team of Mundo PSP HERE. Thank you so much girls for this honor. I am passing this award to these wonderful blogs: Kay from Kay Xclusive Robin from JrBabe's Mess Jo from Josbits2-tuts4u Mar from ScrappingMar


It was cloudy yesterday and today it's been raining on and off, and all I could think of was the beach lol. So I came up with these signs from an old piece of wood. It has 8 signs and I added a beach fence. Hope you find it useful for your summer fun tags. XOXO DOWNLOAD HERE

Somos Mulheres Bem Resolvidas Award

I received this award from Tracey over at Tracey's Blog , Josbits from Josbits2-Tuts4U and Pearl & Lill from DevineDzines. Thank you ladies for this honor, I appreciate it very much. I am passing this award to these wonderful blogs: What Dreams May Come Kay's Tutorials Kay Xclusive Myrtle's Tutorials ScrappinMar Sweet Angel Tutorials


I received this award from Robin over at JrBabe's Mess. You can check out her awesome blog and beautiful tutorials HERE. Thank you Robin for this honor. I am passing this award to five awesome blogs: 1. What Dreams May Come 2. Kay Xclusive 3. Kay's Tutorial 4. Mundo PSP 5. Myrtle's Tutorials


I got this award from Josbit over at Josbits2-Tuts4u. You can check her awesome blog HERE. Thank you Jos for such honor. I love this award because of what it represents. It's not just sharing links for promotions, but because of friendships that start through this world called blogs. So many lovely ladies sharing their talent and time. Thank you to all. I am supposed to pass this award to eight more people, but it already been passed to the people I had in mind. So instead I'm leaving it here for every blogger that comes in can grab it and hopefully make new friends. You all deserve it. Thank you. Hugs and kisses. Doris Lynch


I received this award from Beth over at Blissfully Beth. You can check out her awesome blog HERE. Thank you Beth for such honor. I am passing this award to ten fabulous blogs: 1. Seachell's Scrapz http://seachellscrapz.blogspot.com/ 2. Lacarolita's Designz http://lacarolitasdesignz.blogspot.com/ 3. Lana From What Dreams May Come http://whatdreamsmaycomebylana.blogspot.com/ 4. Paola from Mundo Grafico http://mundografico1.blogspot.com/ 5. Maribel's Scrapz http://maribelscrapz.blogspot.com/ 6. Faria and Creative Team of Mundo PSP http://mundopsp-scraps.blogspot.com/ 7. Kay's Tutorials http://kaystutorials.blogspot.com/ 8. Kay Xclusive http://kayxclusive.blogspot.com/ 9. Julie from Rockrose Tutorials http://rockrosetuts.blogspot.com/ 10. Tracey's Blog http://tigerlillydigitalscrapbooks.blogspot.com/


I got this challenge from Robin over at JrBabe's Mess. So here is my sixth picture in my sixth folder. LOL...that's what I found. This is a banner my daughter did for me and I put in the sixth folder and fell in position number six...LOL. I am challenging Seachell from Seachells Scrapz Maribel from Maribel Scrapz Lisbeth Joa from Lisbeth Joa



Tag I made with my template. Click on image to enlarge.


Another award given to me by Seachell from Seachell's Scrapz you can visit her fabulous blog HERE. Thank you Seachell for such honor. I'm passing this award to five fabulous blogs: Paola from Mundo Grafico Kay from Kay's Xclusive Lana from What Dreams May Come Robin from JrBabe's Mess Faria and her Creative Team from Mundo PSP


I got this award by my good friend Seachell from a beautiful blog Seachell's Scrapz which you can find HERE. Thank you Seachell for this beautiful award. I'm passing this award to four beautiful ladies and their fabulous blogs: Faria and her tutorial writers from MUNDO PSP Paola from MUNDO GRAFICO Lana from WHAT DREAMS MAY COME Kristina from SWEET ANGEL TUTORIALS


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